The current trend in the fashion world is shifting towards accessories and special eyecatchers, which capture and express a person’s individual style. As mass production increasingly surrounds us, the aim is simple, we all want to stick out.

With this basic thought lying at the heart of our fashion perception we wanted to develop a product, which fulfills exactly this particular wish. We believe with the idea of upcycling vintage ties into belts we found the ideal fashion item to tackle this trend. By collecting thousands of different ties in the first months we were able to offer an incredible variety of design from the beginning. Additionally, this unique concept enabled us to sell products, of which only one piece existed per design on a large scale. Every interested customer is able to find exactly the KRAGÜ belt that suits his style and the message he wants to send out to the world. From business to casual, from plain to crazy, all different sorts of designs can be found at KRAGÜ.

To be able to spread our vision further we decided to expand into the production of our own collections, while sticking to the classical tie designs. Since 2014 we offer seasonal belts in cooperation with one of the world’s leading tie manufacturers form the north of Italy.